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One Pearl Bank Developer
One Pearl Bank is a new development in Outram by CapitaLandCapitaLand is certainly one of Asia’s largest diversified property groups. Headquartered and listed in Singapore, it owns and manages a worldwide portfolio worth over S$103 billion (Mar 2019).

CapitaLand’s portfolio spans across diversified real estate classes including retail, commercial; business park, industrial and logistics; integrated development, urban development; as well as residential and lodging. With a presence across more than 200 cities in over 30 countries, the Group centers around Singapore and China as its core markets, whilst it continues to expand in markets such as for instance India, Vietnam, Europe, Australia and the USA.

One Pearl Bank Location Map
One Pearl Bank is strategically located at Pearl Bank Road. Outram Park MRT station is within mins walk away. The location is well connected with Marina Coastal Expressway (MCE) and Central Expressway (CTE). Lots of amenities around for example Chinatown Point Shopping Mall and People’s Park Complex. Cantonment Primary and CHIJ (Kellock) is within 1-2km too. One Pearl Bank residents will also benefit from the nature green scenery offered by Pearl’s Hill City Park and will find themselves living in one of Singapore’s most fundamentally self-sufficient urban town.

Discover the One Pearl Bank : Tropical Hygge as well as Discover One Pearl Bank’s excellent connectivity.

One Pearl Bank Show Flat
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One Pearl Bank , the former well-known house creating in Pearl’s Bank (one of Singapore’s most famous developers), is really a new capitaland launch condo. You can find 774 residential properties in two 39 surfaces, with discussed facilities. This is situated on a walk from Chinatown and the Outram MRT Trade! Sentosa is likely to be done in 2023. The key company section will undoubtedly be ignored. In a short drive to take pleasure from your household or conferences, you may also arrive at Marina Bay, Sentosa as well as western coast park. You are able to expect a healthier yet relaxed lifestyle!
This new release condominium features a wardrobe, team home, interior and fitness center purpose, sun deck, barbeque places, conditioning place, kids’ playground. To ensure each Family combine is suited to just one system, various unit forms or 1 to 4 areas must be used. That condo presents activity for your family members to the entire family. Peaceful, delicious, excellent life style!
In the location of the Air Everton condo, looking, restaurants and different popular malls, such as for instance Vivo Town, you will find Tiong Bahru Plaza. You’ll find so many bus stops. The Tanjang Pagar, the Plaza Market and Food Hub, Maxwell Road Hawker Hub, the Lau Pat Lay Centre, and China Sq Food Center provide food fans the opportunity to explore the cost of hawkers. Therefore activity reaches your fingertips with all amenities and amenities for your family members and buddies shut by. People may appreciate many amusing actions within strolling distance in the area of Sentosa and many looking and eating options.
The launch is likewise created near elite academic institutions such as for instance principal schools at Radin Mas, primary Blangah Increase and primary schools at Kellock. Expatriates in the Key Business Section, Marina Bay or Harborfront or in the Business City of Alexandra run for the purpose of lease potential. The Orchard Road, via East Shore Parkway and the Marina Coastal Expressway, is significantly less than 5 minutes’ push from the company center and the exciting looking area.
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Why a pearl banking group?
The iconic house of Pearl Bank and still another prestigious perform of money
Outram Park MRT Exchange near the next MRT Cantoment.
Rare new Region 2 release residence
Most units have a free of charge view
Identified designer with years of Singapore knowledge
Free access to numerous malls like Vivocity, Orchard Path, etc., for eating and entertainment.
Comfortable access, looking gear, CBD, Marina Bay Financial Centre. Easy.-Easy access. Easy.
Property facilities entirely resort model for you personally and your family.
Potential Fantastic South Waterfront Rock Region
A pearl banking and benefits.
The models for the new One Pearl Bank were recently revealed by CapitaLand. All people of Pearl Bank Apartments have today moved and a new building has been launched. CapitaLand is certain that Pearl’s Slope will be charmed by their new making with far better design and features.
Two world-renowned architects are suffering from the new One Pearl Bank condominium design. It is a joint venture involving the architects of Singapore and London. Two exceptionally bent 39-story towers feature that design. Both towers are attached by sky links to the roof. With two 178 meter large towers, the newest One Pearl bank is Singapore’s highest residential building. All fortunate individuals from CBD to Sentosa have a great view.
The previous apartments of Pearl Bank included an area of 86,000 ft2. It absolutely was found on a leasing website for 99 decades and was ultimately obsessed about 4 September 2007. Due to the lack of presents, the very first offers were closed in 14 days. A combined agreement was determined in June 2008, which did not work. The next sore didn’t succeed either.
The net was offered for $728 million in the next party purchase on 13 March 2018 when CapitaLand ordered the Old Tower. All residents of the former Pearl Bank Tower obtained the amount of money and notices. In April 2019, the whole tower was removed and CapitaLand began planning renovations within a high-rise project.
CapitaLand desires that Singapore’s best residential skyscraper is One Pearl Bank. The new design looks different and more desirable, as proposed by the architects. Numerous buyers from Singapore and other countries will present more impressive amenities and the potential of this new structure.
The new tower may have 774 condos, according to CapitaLand. For exciting buyers between 450 and 2000 sq foot, penthouses and facility apartments may be picked here. The newest developing is not just for residential parts, but in addition for air gardens. This gardens provides an summary of a skyscraping garden’s straight range. The architects have made each system for 18 gardens.
That characteristic could be the first skyscraper in the world. In these gardens, urban farmers desire to cultivate their plants. Several future farmers will have the ability to take spend new citizens in this initiative.
Each system includes a atmosphere terrace on both parties and a top gardens in its new design. Conditioning facilities can be found both inside and outdoors, a lay, a snack and a wonderful outdoor restaurant. Over 500 flowers of 35 species, that 135000 crops, siblings and flowering plants are planted in a 60,000 sq.ft part of a brand new Capitoland one pearl bank area.
Only some houses are so natural and possibly the leader is One Pearl Bank. CapitaLand has committed to creating a strong framework with contemporary amenities to reinforce the elegance of the city. One Pearl Bank is going to be pleasing their residents by 2012. The project is complete.
What’s the objective of this project?
One Pearl Bank is Pearl’s Hill’s largest housing project. The exceptional opportunity for a resident of Pearl Bank Condo is to call home within an urban area with lots of gardens. Many professionals from all over the world became spectators in this exuberant garden town.
Capita Land is buying a style that contributes significantly to the cityscape and improves their normal charm. Additionally, it connects One Pearl Bank to the Pearl’s Mountain City Park and different panoramic landscapes. For their 18 gardens, equally buildings can appear like a enormous vertical park.
Pearl’s Hill City Park has changed into a social room and a playground for individuals in one of many apartments in One Pearl Bank. After a drained day, it is a cool place. CapitaLand is promoting and ideas to carefully study that project. That project will be produced by the world’s primary structure professionals and architects therefore that people can expect to know how it takes.
The newest tower will have 774 condos as indicated by CapitaLand. Involved buyers can select between 430 sq ft to 2800 sq foot in penthouse and facility apartments. As in residential areas, the new service presents place for air gardens. The gardens are set up in a skyscraper and search up. The architects have designed each tower for 18 gardens.
It’s the world’s first skyscraper with this specific feature. In these gardens downtown farmers appreciate growing their plants. New citizens are allowed to join many ambitious farmers.
The new design implies that the sky terrace and ceiling gardens are presented in every tower. Gymnasium, lounge and footpath and a lovely, fresh cafe, for indoors and outdoors purposes. There’s gear available as well. The brand new One Pearl Bank CapitaLand System is planned to include around 500 trees of 35 various species with 135,000 plants, shrubs, crops, and flowers planted in 60,000 square feet.
Only some structures are so normal, and the first choice possibly is One Pearl Bank. CapitaLand commits to making a robust creating and to increasing the elegance of the town with all modern amenities. The company feels that by the year 2023 the project and One Pearl Bank were completed.
Childhood Training Institutions
If you have small children house in the District 03, you’ll receive similarly good protection, as you have some of the best schools. The immediate neighborhood involves colleges in Gan Eng Seng, the college of Crescent Girls and the university of management.
Appreciate your cherished one on the weekend.
Eventually, you may have a break together with your loved ones from the beach to Sentosa. You anticipate it if this is the means of life.
Week-end activity and buddies
If you need a quiet separate from the beach, you can ultimately visit Sentosa together with your relatives. We pleasant you on the web in order to history your interest and keep you informed about your challenge if the spot will work for you and your family. in the event that you enjoy the style of that life!
Solutions of One Pearl Bank
Chinatown (DT19 NE4) Thomson-East Shore Lines Expenses 2021 Maxwson MRT(DT18) Thomson East Coast Range Due 2021 Tanjong Pagar (EW15) Telok Aye Trekkings (DB18) Trekkings (MRT / LRT) Outram Park(EW16 NE3 TE17) Maxwson MRT(DT18) Thomson East Coast Point
Food and Supermarkets
1.30 km FAIRPRICE 1.40 km NTUC FAIRPRICE 1.65 km Sheng Siong supermarket(Chinese Swee) NTUC FAIRPRICE 1.65 km. Sheng Siong (kin Sweet) supermarket.
BUKIT SWEE 1.87 km Square 1.99 kilometres. Ue Square 1.87 kilometres. Storage of cold. Cold.
The Chinatown Complicated Furama City Center Schools Nearby One Pearl Bank Gan Eng Seng School Lake Pit Major College Outram Secondary College Common Park Complicated Middle Furama City Center.
The Pearl Banks should be among Singapore’s best residential condo for the city. The brand new brand has time and energy to combination modern living in a exciting environment with a success of famous background. It’s time to make a brand new appearance. In Region 3 only down Bulk Rapid Transportation ( MRT) section in Outram Park, Capitain, formerly Pearl bank Apartments, has been refurbished. The horseshoes patterns have risen up to 728 million SGD below an exclusive contract block sales to CAPITAL following a residence of numerous Singaporeans since 1976.
Two tores with the same common form as the prior one will be the One Pearl Bank condominium. It’s an impressive 178 m (178 m) creating project, with 39 floors and 774 residential areas. It’s in the pipeline to perform that project by 2023.
The developing has 7,653 sq m (approx. 82,000 sq. m.) of surface area. The complicated is based on the larger ground. The GPR is 7,2 but in the grasp plan it is 7 4 479, a total of 613 530 m2, or around 57,000 m2.
The building contained significantly less than 300 property products and 98 professional places during their time as Pearl Bank apartments. Because of CapitaLand’s recent purchase by Areca Expense Pte. Old residential owners Ltd. are estimated to pay for almost SGD 2 million to SGD 4,9 million, 123 squaremeters to 371 square metres. Additionally, minimum SGD 1,2 million payment to SGD 46,9 million is anticipated for people that have a professional part of at least 65 square meters or 523 sq metres.
One more SGD 201,4 million is extended to 99 years. The income price is a lot more than 700 million SGD. The SGD 1515 sq picture may be the same.
On Outram Path, a wide residential area of the Key Area, the One Pearl Bank House is located. The 2 towers linked to the sky link are thirty meters higher and give excellent opinions of Sentosa, Pearl Mountain, CBD and surrounding city parks. Over 50 woods, including countless a large number of flowers , flowers and shrubs covering 75% of the location, and over 30 species can encompass One Pearl Bank’s perfect areas. This is the perfect area for that city’s contemporary town and green.
Due to its area to the Outram Park MRT station Dubliners may have simple access to traffic. This factory includes several railroads, including East-West, North-East and Thomson East Coast lines, that will be operational. Work is performed as another type of transportation via a nearby bus exchange. In 8 minutes, CBD, Marina Bay and town middle are reachable by private vehicle owners. The Ayer Rajah Expressway (AYE) and the Marina Coastal Expressway (MCE) are the key routes.
Services of Pearl Bank
In a prestigious position like One Pearl Bank Outram also can you like to call home in paradise. Experience these particular instances in function rooms for family and product owners'buddies exclusively. Each purpose room includes a large quantity of areas, a speakers and other essential features and you can hold essential business conferences and conferences.
You may have recreational activities for a residential operator only. A condos at Pearl Bank are equipped with a large natural panorama Olympic bath. Here for tens of thousands of kilometers you can easily reach R&Page1=46 without planning to a seaside resort. You can walk out, immerse yourself in a warm share or take a seat on the lay chair and get a couple of rays.
The 2 high-rise systems are complete and the people may also use other facilities. One is just a yard with a living area which offers great food and fun to chat with. You will have start air and indoor activities features for many residents when you are a exercise enthusiast. For those not start their very own instruction workouts, you will discover different education tools, gear, and encouragement. It will even produce your affiliate budget totally free for a gym.
One Pearl Bank’s gain
When complete in 2023, One Pearl Bank is always to become among the city’s most useful residential skyscrapers. The modern style is accompanied by a modern architectural ensemble that improves the design and optimizes the daily life.
As well as their distinctive characteristics, you can even assume in order to settle your device in a peaceful and secure 24-hour environment. As well as the lasting protection allows in the reception, the building is handled by spinning guards. They are served to monitor actions in the most popular creating areas by several CCTV cameras. The security of all occupants therefore has large priority.
CapitaCountry’s citizens of Pearl Bank could have plenty to accomplish, including regional community transport, restaurants , stores, schools , hospitals, etc. This implies faster access to your needs and needs, most just a stone’s put from the area.
A total of 18 gardens with fewer than 200 plots will be mixed in one single Pearl bank. This leads people to make a green thumb and cultivate herbs, fresh fruit and vegetables. The sunken seeding boxes help the green façade on every balcony of the 2 towers.
House of Pearl Table
District 3 includes a historical and modern section of the first Alexandra Street developing, Tiong Bahru and Queenstown. A number of these Singapore monuments appear to be a task on a one pearl bank.
One Pearl Bank promises to offer a state-of-the-art house with all amenities to their town residents. If they’re fully made, anybody is likely to be surprised at his grandeur.
A lot more than 770 products in the Outram MRT location will undoubtedly be prepared to be used in a few years. One Pearl Bank , the Downtown Redevelopment Authority (URA), should nevertheless submit a feasibility examine to a pre-application program as an incorporated refurbishment project. For the measurement and therapy of the traffic effects of the properties after thinking about the suggestions made by the events concerned.
Near Pearl Bank
If you select to own a residential area in the principal section of One Pearl Bank , make certain that it is just a important investment. The proper area of One Pearl Bank helps it be close to what you need regularly.
Community transport closing
In a country wherever an incredible number of passengers be determined by convenience and stability, community transport is an essential factor.
One Pearl Bank has access to MRT and coach methods more closely. For instance, it will take less than 10 minutes to walk to MRT in Chinatown. Teach connectivity has increased in the Commonwealth, Queenstown, Redhill and TiongBahru. And you can rapidly put Havelock to your MRT choices with the next Thomson-East Coastline.
Speedway Shutting
AYE via an EMC is easily accessible on the Singapore One Pearl Bank website. Whether you drive an automobile from points A to T or take a bus. Therefore, visit anywhere in Singapore is going to be a straightforward task.
Parents do not have to be concerned about their youngsters’ school when they start surviving in One Pearl Bank. Many prestigious colleges, schools and colleges can be quickly achieved on foot.
Your kids won’t ever invest so much time at college thanks to the successful transportation network. The Pearls Hub is 13 moments far from senior school Outram, and only 30 minutes out by train from Queenstown major school. Zengde Primary is only a 7-minute get out, to help you keep your child along the way to work.
Raffles School, Motivation Style College, the Gan Eng Seng, the Singapore Administration Development Institute and Earth Indian Schools are also reasonably accessible schools.
Near to the buy
Get your retail outlet for therapy as One Pearl Bank Property is excellent for most stores and centres. Cold supplies won’t be considered a bad day – you can quickly carry them to regional food shops or hardware. Also a short walk away from the one pearl bank are many specialty shops.
Clarke Quay is the initial regional searching area. It features a web of principle bars, amusement venues and shops. The Clarke Quay provides numerous activities all day long for people and cultures, besides their clubs and eateries on the shore.
The key area of Tiong Bahru Plaza and the Tiong Bahru House mall is just a second. This position mixes old and new areas with food and cultural connection, as the long run look and feel of the One Pearl Bank.
Additionally, regional Concorde Shopping Center, Ikon Village, Alexandras Main Mall, Chinatown Point, Chinatown and Queensway, Anchorpoint, IKEA & Queense Buying Middle are. Queensway. You are able to quickly arrive at the high-end shops along Orchard Road by car, too. In the location of Pearl Bank house, there is much to find, everything a quick distance away.
Food nearby
When you buy a residence at One Pearl Bank , the positioning near eateries such as informal and innovative eateries is always a plus. Singaporeans became popular as foodies. You are able to receive little quantities in Mei Ling, Crescent, Alexandra Town, Tanglin Halt, Tiong Bahru and the Commonwealth Market.
You are able to head to the favorite Redhill Market and Food Middle if you’re looking for great curry rice. You can appreciate as much hawkers as you like from Yong Tau Foo, Ru Yi Veggie Stable, Hui Ji and Jian Bo Chwee Kueh, Tiong Bahru Industry & Food Centre.
Coffee and breakfast sweets and situation are given in Restaurant Flock. The other tasty break fast spaces include Forty Practical Yong Siak Road and Tiong Hoe on Stirling Road. The peculiar meat professionals and turophiles in Tiong Bahru do not want to appear so far as possible to produce many different cheese or newly organized meat on the foodstuff market sq in the meantime.
For one Pearl Bank residents, Food does not end there since there are more. At Café Petit you can style gourmet pizza, burger or salad. The special tooth but less guilt is given to the hipster emotion of Eng Hoon’s Tiong Bahru Bakery. In addition, Chinese Ah Bong is on a single path and offers economical degustations.
It’s a convenience at One Pearl Bank , a amazingly great cuisine just moments away.
Entertainment near enjoyment
One place on Pearl’s bank is perfect and the environment is not a thing you’ve to fear about. You are able to happen to be the Queenstown Neighborhood Center on a 30-minute teach journey, aside from recreational facilities. You can even visit other centers like Henderson and Kim Seng, for example. Badminton, basketball and different activities can be performed here. Their varied audio and socializing areas can be used by different guests.
Students are pleasant to go to Chinatown, a short disappear from your One Pearl Bank , close to the Heritage Center. It’s an inside museum that creates a re-creation of Chinatown in the 1950s. In the Kreta Ayer Neighborhood Center and Tanjong Pagar Neighborhood Team, kiddies may also be permitted to perform the articles of their minds, enjoy activities, enjoy games and practice.
In Pearl Bank Chinatown, also there are many country groups, especially if you have a willing player. The people of the Area Singapore Club, the United Claims Membership, Legends Fort Canning Park, and the Tanglin Team are found in the Hood if not in available forms.
Nightlife nearby
One Pearl Bank may increase your functioning cultural living to the TBB or Tiong Bahru Club, just a small range from Tiong Bähru. You’re ready to have a relax evening and Netflix break. Appreciate your great environment with a mixture in your give while obtaining a casual consume spot in your session.
For the Parched Art Alcohol Store nightcap, hundreds of alcohol models may be selected. A first-class toast-oriented IKYU, an international Japanese restaurant, is available.
Healthy Shut
It’s certainly equally important that your house is in the area of health centres. You can easily sleep at One Pearl Bank , particularly during an urgent situation, in the event that you achieve a hospital in a matter of minutes. A sizable group of 1000s of health practitioners, specialists and team are located nearby the Singapore Basic Hospital. It is also possible to check following Alexandra Hospital and Singapore National Heart Centre.
MRT Programs MRT
Chinatown MRT Looking Centers, Outram Park MRT Place
Tiong Bahru Plaza Clare Quay Main Schools & Education, Chinatown Level Looking Mall.
Graduation College of Medication (MDIS) in Duke-NUS. The Bunch Eng Seng Raffles School Gan Eng Seng school Raples Creativity College of the Duke-NUS Principal Medical School is an establishment of Queenstown Principal School.
Why do you consider that Outram must purchase a residence from Pearl Bank?
Unusual renowned world of extra run
Situated in the outside park of MRT STATION DEVELOPMENT.
Several facilities at an disappointed pearl banquet
One Pearl Bank shows the very first straight air allocation gardens in its principal downtown development! The growth perspective is splendid.
A house approach was presented for Pearl Bank! Register for the most recent site program changes nowadays!
Two towers will soon be included in the structure of one Pearl Bank consisting of 774 residential devices at 39 levels. The property offers excellent living requirements in a safe enclave with a range of studio to penthouse and as much as three bedrooms. Eating, looking and experiencing that prime property in the next quarter. Hold prepared for visit to the One Pearl Bank Showflat. Enroll here for the gallery first!
A pearl counter discount.
Pearl Bank Developer CapitaLand has its offices in Singapore, one of Asia’s primary real-estate companies. Worldwide, there are many than 100 billion SGD developments including looking, maintenance , quality A offices, and individual households.
The creator focuses on Singapore and China in a lot more than 180 towns in 30 key countries. It is projected that SGD 15 thousand will be on the market at 31 March 2019.
Capitaland has successfully created their residences in Indonesia and Vietnam such as for instance Air Vue, Atmosphere Habitat and Interlace. Built in 2006, the Ascott Home Confidence was the first REIT house in Asia to be maintained. Different residences repaired by CapitaLand will be the world-wide selections of Citadine, Lyf, Journey, Somerset and Crest which include a lot more than 600 buildings.

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One Pearl Bank Development
One Pearl Bank is a new condominium development along Pearl Bank Road, former site of Pearl Bank Apartments. The condominium comprises 774 residential units. The efficient layouts available are 1 to 4 bedrooms and spacious Penthouses.

One Pearl Bank is a 2 residential blocks with highest block at 39-storey development, within close proximity to Outram Park MRT interchange. Lots of amenities around such as for example OG People’s Park, Chinatown Point Shopping Mall and People’s Park Complex.

Future One Pearl Bank Condo residents will find reputable academic institutions within 1-2km such as Cantonment Primary and CHIJ (Kellock).

One Pearl Bank residents will also enjoy the nature scenery provided by Pearl’s Hill City Park and will find themselves living in among Singapore’s most essentially self-sufficient urban town. Find out more: One Pearl Bank : Tropical Hygge.

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🧲Unique Selling Points🧲

🌟An Iconic High Rise Residential Development In Singapore’s Prime District 👉Located On Top Of Pearl's Hill City Park🌳

🌟Served By Outram Park MRT Station & Chinatown MRT Station🚇Access To 3 Existing MRT Lines (DTL, EWL, NEL) + 1 Upcoming MRT Line (TEL)

🌟Near The Transforming 43-ha Singapore General Hospital, The Top 3 World's Best Medical Hub🏥

🌟Offers 2 Panoramic Views: A View Of The CBD Or The Lush Greenery🌅🌇


📣This is the time! 📣
City living atop exclusive Pearl’s hill city park near 3 MRT Stations at Outram!

One would never imagine at 🏞Pearl’s Hill City Park is a hidden 🧘‍♂️oasis of peace and tranquillity.

🌿The highly anticipated 🔎gently curved designed, One Pearl Bank stands at 📍 178m tall perched atop the verdant Pearl’s hill.

🌿Located at 🏞 Outram-Chinatown District in Central Singapore, offering 🏙 360 Panoramic view enjoying the breathtaking 🌃CBD, Sentosa view as well as 🎆🎇 spectacular fireworks from festive seasons.

🌿39 Storeys high with 774 units, a Wide Selection from Studios to Penthouses, ranging from 🔆431 sqft to 2,788 sqft

🌿just a 3 Minutes Sheltered walkway 🏃🏻‍♂️to Outram MRT Station, with 3 lines. Serving the 🚇 E-W Line, N-E Line and upcoming T-E Line.

🌿Proximity to 🌎 *World Top 3 SGH Medical Hub, 🎁 Orchard Road, CBD, Marina Bay & Sentosa

🌿Excellent Connectivity to 🚗 CTE, AYE, ECP & MCE

🌿Designed by 🏆 Multi Awards Winning Serie(UK)+Multiply Architects.

🌿 World’s 1st Sky Allotment Gardens with 🌴18 sky allotment gardens and close to 200 plots where residents can grow their own 🎍🌾 herbs, fruits and vegetables.

🌿Over 500 trees across 35 species and more than 🌴 135,000 shrubs, plants and flowers will be planted throughout the landscape.

🌿Great Investment growth with ✍️ 2019 Draft Master Plan changes & Numerous Attractions near 🏙 Greater Southern Waterfront

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